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The Story Behind The Hummingbird

After hosting the 1st successful Feel Good Fest, Austin and Justin were determined to find a way to capture the festival1s essence in a logo. They sought something that would inspire feelings of freedom, lightness, and happiness, while also bringing a smile to people1s faces. That1s when they landed on the hummingbird.


The hummingbirds ability to fly and sing at the same time struck a chord with them, reminding them of the importance of finding joy in every moment. As they explored the symbolism of the hummingbird, they discovered its power to teach us to 11draw the essence of life from the flowers around us11 and also to appreciate the simple things in life.


In addition, the hummingbird represents the strength of love and how we can win hearts of others without causing them harm. It symbolizes independence, courage, and resilience, and its internal vibrations bring a message of hope and positivity.


Therefore, Austin and Justin selected the hummingbird as the official emblem of Feel Good Fest. They shared this first with Jason Kierce. His creative skill, light­hearted spirit, and willingness to serve with love is what inspired him to craft the breathtaking bird you see today. The hummingbird has become a symbol of their shared vision and values, reminding them to live their lives with joy, love, creativity, and bravery while also cherishing the beauty of the world around them.  deeper into our own mental health practice! Check out their page for more information!

The Festival

Feel Good Fest is an annual 8-hour event that takes place in Concord, NC. It is focused on promoting well-being, positivity, and community connection; featuring activities such art, live music, entertaining performances, games, workshops, butterflies, balloon rides, shopping, healthy food vendors and so much more. Celebrate your inner child at Feel Good Fest 2024!

We are partnering with the non-profit Habitual Roots once again! There will be a donation bucket on site and a portion of these proceeds will go to benefit Habitual Roots. This non-profit operates in Charlotte, NC and Denver, CO creating spaces where mental and emotional wellness programming is fun, accessible, and stigma-free. Funds raised this year will fund scholarships they offer to help those in need access their programming at little-to-no cost. 

Parachute fun
Feel Good Fest peace sign
Feel Good Fest hummingbird
Feel Good Fest 2024


  • Can tickets be purchased at the gate?
    Tickets are sold in advance to plan for traffic, parking, and safety protocols. It’s highly encouraged to purchase in advance at, however a select amount will available for purchase at the gate.
  • Is camping available?
    Sorry, not this year. Green Life Family Farms is a functioning farm and has an active environment where machinery, equipment, and livestock present.
  • Is this a pet friendly event?
    Please leave pets at home for this event. We want you to be fully engaged with the event, the activities going on, and we want to be able to walk barefoot without having to worry about ever step we take!
  • When can guests arrive?
    Gates open at 2:00pm.
  • What are the festival hours?
    Festival hours are 2-10pm Saturday, April 29th, 2023.
  • How much are kids tickets?
    Kids ages 12 and under are free and do not need tickets. Anyone else needs their own admission ticket.
  • Will alcohol be served?
    Yes. We will have craft beer available for purchase by Southern Strain Brewery Company.
  • Can I bring a lawn chair?
    Yes, lawn chairs + blankets are encouraged 🙂 Relax and enjoy the groovy entertainment!
  • Have other questions?
    If you have any questions, please click here to let us know. We look forward to hearing from you!
Justin Ervin

Justin Ervin


Justin Ervin is the co-founder and Executive Director of Habitual Roots, a Charlotte, NC based Nonprofit. Justin supports others by developing programming that helps his community consciously build positive habits of self-care using mindfulness and emotional intelligence. 

Justin had hosted over 500 events since the conception of Habitual Roots. Paired with 7+ years managing projects within the financial, startup, and servicing industries; his knowledge and expertise helps make Feel Good Fest possible.

Austin Shook


Austin Shook has a passion for sharing the power and medicine of sound with as many people as possible. He is a sound healer that uses ancient instruments to create meditational spaces for people looking for inner peace and deep relaxation. Austin has also recognized his passion for creating spaces for other artists to share their gifts as well.

Austin has successfully organized Feel Good Fest for it’s previous two experience [2019, 2022] and is expecting this years to be the best yet. 

Austin Shook

Lead Team


Presented By

Alignment logo

Austin Shook established Alignment as an organization to facilitate transformative auditory experiences and foster community connections through sound healing and special events. Through Alignment, Austin has shared the power and medicine of sound in various settings across 40 states, including yoga studios, hospitals, churches, and festivals.  Alignment organizes events like Feel Good Fest and The Healing Heart Experience, aiming to improve wellness and plant seeds of inspiration in the community. Alignment's mission is to guide communities toward inner peace and balance through sound, energy, presence, and love.

Habitual Roots logo

Habitual Roots emerged from the realization by Justin Ervin and Kevin Wong, two engineering students, of society's neglect for mental health support. Startling statistics underscored the urgency: nearly 50% of Americans confront mental illness, while 1 in 4 must choose between treatment and basic needs. Moreover, 74% perceive mental health services as inaccessible. In response, Habitual Roots was born as a nonprofit organization, aiming to cultivate affordable access to mental wellness resources and nurturing communities centered around holistic well-being for all.


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